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0-17 Months

We provide every infant in our care with a secure, safe, and warm environment where they can grow and develop—physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively.

Our infant classrooms are designed to encourage children to:

  • Use their senses to explore their surroundings

  • Develop executive function skills through rolling, crawling, and standing up to explore their environment

  • Develop communication skills by recognizing and responding to verbal language

  • Form and vocalize vowel and consonant combinations

  • Use fine motor skills to hold objects deliberately


Our infant rooms are filled with age-appropriate toys, blocks, and books to inspire awareness and discovery. We also integrate a lot of books, movement, songs, and other fun activities on a daily basis. We strive to provide your children with a healthy, stimula. 



18-24 Months

With numerous opportunities for toddlers to learn and play, we provide a safe, age-appropriate, and stimulating environment filled with fun, hands-on activities and lessons.


Through our toddler program, we aim to promote:

  • Creativity through art and crafts activities

  • Increase awareness by encouraging children to explore their surroundings more

  • Further development of communication skills through different activities

  • Vocabulary growth by identifying animals, objects, and people with words

  • Development of problem-solving and critical-thinking skills through puzzles

  • Social growth by encouraging social interactions and friendships


Through our toddler program, we seek to help children develop and enhance their social-emotional skills, physical skills, cognitive skills, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and self-help skills. We aim to achieve positive results through the consistent delivery of age-appropriate activities and lessons.


3year olds

36 Months

Our 3-year-olds are nurtured with safe, age-appropriate activities that enhance their skills, expand their knowledge, and prepare them for Pre-K.

We engage them with fun, stimulating activities that keep them entertained throughout the day while also teaching them valuable lessons.

Our 3-Year-Old Group is intended to teach children to:

  • Express themselves through music, movement, and art

  • Learn and practice math and number concepts

  • Develop coordination and motor skills while they run, skip, play, and perform other activities

  • Develop a love of writing and reading through writing activities, story time, and more

  • Play cooperatively with other students

  • Form friendships by socializing with their peers


We want to provide your children with a safe space where they can learn and have fun to their heart’s content. All of our activities are carefully structured and prepared to match the learning and development needs of 3-year-olds and they are delivered by qualified professionals.



4 Year Olds

Since preschoolers are typically eager to learn, we design our lessons and activities to engage them with fun, interesting materials and lessons.


Through our Pre-Kindergarten program we aim to help children in:

  • Activities in Preparation for Kindergarten

  • Improving their communication skills

  • Improving their social skills

  • Developing critical-thinking skills

  • Developing social-emotional intelligence

  • And more


We are not just preparing your children for kindergarten, but we also seek to prepare them for higher education and future success. By exposing four-year-olds to age-appropriate, engaging, and structured activities and lessons, we seek to further expand their knowledge and skills.


After schoolers

6-12 Years Old

At KAP2 Early Childhood Academy 

learning and fun doesn’t stop when the school bell rings!

With our After-School program, we provide children with an opportunity to continue learning even after the school day has ended.

With our After-School program, we aim to keep children out of trouble.

We strive to help them develop valuable, lifelong skills.


Our After-School activities include:

  • Homework Assistance

  • Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Sports

  • Dramatic Play

  • Music Activities

  • Guided Tours

  • And more

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